Temporary Steel Lintel

Construction that's Easy, Reliable and Re-usable

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Kwik Lintels

Kwik Lintels are the temporary steel heads or removable metal beams used when laying concrete masonry blocks and bricks over a window or door opening. They extend from almost 400mm (1-1/2 feet) to almost 6m(20 feet ) in height and are adjustable within  203mm (8 inch) increments.  These lightweight, portable and easy to use temporary steel lintels replace wooden lintel structures that are used to hold up door or window frames while the poured concrete dries. Wooden lintels cost almost $40-70 to construct and take more than 45 minutes to build. Kwik Lintels reduce waste and are reusable.  






Laying Bricks On a Kwik Lintel

Removing a Kwik Lintel

The New Kwik Lintel

The Kwik Lintel is an innovative construction and building side product that saves block layers and building contractors time and money. Made from first-grade light gauge steel, these extremely reliable patented lintels are professionally engineered and manufactured in Australia. They also meet all of the requirements of Standards Australia, the country’s leading body for the establishment of standards.

Kwik Lintels can be used by block layers, building contractors, masonry manufacturing, equipment rental and scaffolding companies for commercial and domestic building applications. Their efficient mechanism makes them quick and easy to set up and remove. With more than 10,000 lintels for hire and 1,000 customers in Australia they’re becoming the #1 choice for building contractors.

Kwik Lintel, the professional contractor’s choice for a straighter, faster, temporary lintel support.