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Kwik Kapper - The Fastest Easiest Way To Run Cables Through Walls!

In keeping with its mission to develop innovative construction and building side products, Kwik Lintel is proud to introduce the all new Kwik Kapper.

Kwik Kapper solves the problems that electricians or plumbers have when they have to run cable conduits or pipes down cinder block or bessa block walls.

Once a wall is constructed with cinder/bessa blocks, electricians need to run electric cables through the cinder/bessa blocks - and plumbers often need to run pipes down through the walls as well.

In the past, a temporary metal cover was placed over some of the holes in order to to run the cables properly. This technique created some new challenges as the metal covers were very difficult to pull off once the concrete had been poured and grouted into the holes.

Kwik Kapper overcomes all of the inconveniences that are created by traditional cinder/bessa block plates, sill plates, and cinder block covers.

Our unique patented plastic cap’s special perforations make it easy to puncture and run the cables/pipes through. Kwik Kappers come in standard sizes with convenient perforated sections that enable cables to be quickly run through.

So the next time you’re on a job site and the cinder/bessa block is ready to be sealed with concrete, tell them to pull out the Kwik Kapper and cover the holes.

Kwik Kappers are the easiest way to keep cinder blocks covered and cables dry!
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