Temporary Steel Lintel

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Kwik Lintels Save Builders Time & Money

Many Australian and American suburban houses and large buildings are typically constructed with a concrete foundation, integral to the building’s overall structure. Concrete masonry units (CMU’s), they are also known as cinder blocks (because they are made of industrial cinders), bessa/besser blocks or breeze blocks, are the large rectangular bricks that builders use to construct the foundation. Cinder blocks have a long history dating back to the Romans but the modern applications go as far back as to a residential house built in Staten Island, New York in 1983.

Building contractors must adhere to strict building codes and standards regarding the accuracy and precision of the structure. With concrete block home construction, window and door opening accuracy is much more important that in wood frame construction. Wood frame construction provides you with the flexibility to cut out a little or wall stud can always be moved over if need be.  Unfortunately, with surface bonded block wall this can't be easily changed. Builders must be absolutely certain as to the placement of the windows and door openings in the planning phase so that masons can designate the appropriate space in the foundation.  An essential part of the window and door construction is the window and door lintels. In the past masons and blocklayers would build a lintel or a jig that represented the installed window/door rough opening width and height plus the framing material.

Up until 2003, building contractors had to use wooden window lintels to frame door and window heads, until Kwik Lintels introduced their innovative range of construction and building side products. Based in Cairns, Australia, Kwik Lintels reduce the amount of time it takes to install and remove a window lintel. These window and door headers are 10 times quicker to install and remove than ordinary wooden window lintels. Their patented technology conforms to Standards Australia and can be used for domestic and commercial buildings. Professionally engineered and manufactured in Australia.

Made from first grade steel, these lightweight, portable and easy to use temporary steel heads are extremely reliable and are more efficient than wooden lintel structures. They come in 15 different sizes and they can extend from almost 1-1/2 feet or 400mm to almost 20 feet or 6m in height. And with each size adjustable in 8 inch or 203mm increments, you’re almost sure to have a perfect fit each time. Kwik Lintels® are reusable and work great in any climate.

Professional contractors agree, Kwik Lintels are the choice for a straighter, faster temporary lintel support.