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About Kwik Lintel

Sam Vasta Kwik Lintel
Sam Vasta had been working on construction sites in Cairns, Queensland, Australia for more than 40 years, when he saw an opportunity to develop an innovative new product that would increase productivity substantially. 

He noticed that carpenters spent considerable amounts of time building a structure to hold up door or window frames, costing almost $40-70 in timber and taking more than 45 minutes to build.  He noted that 10-14 days later, after the blocks were laid and the cinder block cores were filled with cement, the timber was taken down and thrown away. The waste and inconvenience was clearly evident.
Sam decided to find a quicker and more effective way to get the job done. He came up with the idea of a lintel that would operate in the same way as a telescopic, retractable ladder. Sam developed a prototype that consisted of a temporary adjustable steel head or retractable lintel that could extend from almost 400mm (1-1/2 feet)  to almost 6m (20 feet)in height and is lightweight, portable and easy to use. The Kwik Lintel uses North American and Australian patent protected technology and is designed specifically for building contractors that needed an easy-to-operate steel lintel that saves them time and money.

Kwik Lintel was created with a mission to provide the construction industry with reliable temporary lintels for hire. Kwik Lintels can be used by blocklayers, building contactors, masonry manufacturing, equipment rental and scaffolding companies for commercial and domestic building applications. Professionally engineered in Australia and manufactured in Australia, Kwik Lintel is part of a growing range of building site products developed by Sam Vasta that make construction easier, safer and faster. Our products pass the rigorous testing of Standards Australia.

With more than 35 years of combined experience, our management team stands behind its proven concept with 10,000 Kwik Lintels currently for hire in Australia.  Kwik Lintels have been used on job sites by some of Australia’s leading building developers and we have over a 1,000 satisfied customers. 

Currently, we are expanding globally and are establishing a network of independent distributors and franchisees. We are looking for motivated, hard-working entrepreneurs who are ready to be successful at this excellent opportunity. Kwik Lintel franchises can achieve payback well within the first twelve months of operation.  If you’re looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career with the opportunity to be your own boss, call us today. 
Kwik Lintel, the professional contractor’s choice for a straighter, faster, temporary lintel support.

The Early Days, And Where We Are Now

Sam started off this business as a sole operator, and in the early days he run it under the name "Betta Head Hire".

Amazingly, Sam invented, manufactured and ran the entire operation himself.

He was even able to do everything from the back of his Ford pick up truck.

You can see the original truck here.



You can see just how far things have come - look at our current hiring trucks.