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"Builders and Masonary Contractors Save Time and Money Using Kwik Lintels" 

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Kwik Lintels represent a break through in building and construction. 

Here’s why...

  • Chosen by 1,000’s of  building contractors in Australia
  • Easy to use and remove - 1 minute to install, 30 seconds to take down
  • Environmentally friendly - no wastage, completely re-usable
  • Built to engineering standards

Imagine a building tool that enables your construction workers to save time and money on the job…
That’s your money being saved!

Block layers, building contractors, masonry manufacturing companies, equipment rental companies and scaffolding companies are talking about how Kwik Lintels keep their projects under budget and on track! 

Customer Testimonial:

"Kwik lintels make our jobs easier. We used to have to hire carpenters to build a door or window head. Sometimes we’d have to pull them off another job which put us behind on the other jobs but now we just call up our local Kwik Lintel franchisee and they bring us our L-Header lintels the next day. They’re easy to use and we can put them up and take them down in minutes."

Roger Williams, President - RW Contractors 
Port Douglas, Australia


What is a Kwik Lintel?

Kwik Lintels are temporary steel headers used when laying cinder or masonry block over window or door openings in commercial and domestic buildings

Kwik Lintels are:
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to store and handle

Previously, workers made wooden lintels on site to suit each window and door.

Wooden lintels are notorious for causing these problems:
  • Uneven frames
  • Unstable structures
  • Cracked cinder or masonry blocks due to uneven weight distribution
  • Wastage of materials and time

Kwik Lintels are faster and more reliable.

Watch the Video - Only 42 Seconds!

Kwik Lintels Will Save You Time and Money!


They are also fully adjustable to suit varying needs. They extend from almost  0.3m (1-1/2 feet) to almost 6m (20 feet) in width. Plus your measurements don’t even have to be spot on, they’re adjustable within 203mm (8 inch) increments.

Remember, typically you spend $40-70 in just timber alone when building wooden lintels!

It’s not rocket science. Why waste 45 minutes of a carpenter’s time building wooden lintels when it takes 1 minute to install a Kwik Lintel and about 30 seconds to take them down.

Kwik Lintels meet all of the requirements for engineering standards so you know that each one works the way it’s supposed to.

Now... for as low as $2.00 a day, you can start using a Kwik Lintel. 

It’s time to start saving... Now!


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Kwik Lintel, the professional contractor’s choice for a straighter, faster temporary lintel support.


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